Allergy safe cleaning great for asthma sufferers.

Having worked as an eco friendly cleaner in southend products since 1990, it's not just a catch phrase for us we actually have good sound reasons behind wanting to use environmentally friendly safe chemicals! both my father and myself suffered badly from skin issues especially eczema that was exacerbated in no small part due into the various chemicals we used the first couple of years I worked in this trade and many of these are still commonly used today by many of our competitors. They are often so caustic they would be better suited to oven cleaning and because they are so cheap many businesses still use them. It must be said they can be very effective for cleaning heavily soiled furnishings but because they leave very alkaline residues the carpets especially will resoil rapidly. The solution can be found in using environmentally safe cleaning products that leave little if any residue that are hypo allergenic they are safe for you your children and pets and I can use them all day long without affecting my skin. The truck mounted equipment because of its incredible power still further minimises the need for chemicals it is often possible to pre spray with the cleaning agent then extract using pure water leaving virtually no trace of the chemical agent.

No allergic reactions to the chemicals we use

One other significant advantage of using this method is the removal of the allergic faecal residues of the dust mite, this can make a huge difference to an individual or animal that is suffering an allergic reaction brought on by this pathogen be it asthma or a skin problem see allergy testing essex for more information on how to help sufferers in this area

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